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Soccer Fields Dimensions

The diagrams are almost completely based on previous hand-drawn diagrams by Jim Erickson; Mick Jordan, Rob Schreiber and Dave Elward also contributed to the page.
Laying out The (Outer) Corners
Laying out The Fields and Painting the First Lines
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Small Fields

small field dimensions
Age Group U7 U8 U9
Field size
30x20 35x25 45x30
Touch Line (TL) 90' 105' 135'
Goal Line (GL) 60' 75' 90'
A 18' 21' 24'
B 27' 31'6" 43'6"
Circle Radius 9' 10'" 12'
Goal Width 6' 6' 8'
Goal Height 4' 4' 6'
Corner Arc 3' 3' 3'

Detailed Fields Layout Diagrams: 30x20 - 35x25 - 45x30

Medium and Full-Size Fields

large and full size fields dimensions
Age Group U10 U11 U12 and up
Field size
60x40 80x50 100x70
Touch Line (TL) 180' 240' 300'
Goal Line (GL) 120' 150' 210'
Circle and
Penalty Arc
24' 30' 30'
Goal Width 12' 18' 24'
Goal Height 6'6" 6'6" 8'
Corner Arc 3' 3' 3'
Penalty Area 72'x36' 96'x45' 132'x54'
Goal Area 36'x12' 52'x18' 60'x18'
Penalty Spot
from mid-goal
24' 30' 36'
'Technical Line' (broken): 60' long, 3' from Touch Line
The 'Laws of The Game' only says that for U10 and U11 "the goals are somewhat smaller than on a standard soccer field." The AYSO Website recommends a maximum size of 7'x21' for U10. The numbers given above for U10 and U11 are the dimensions of the goals we actually use.

Detailed Fields Layout Diagrams: 60x40 - 80x50 - 100x70

Specific Fields Layout: JLS 1 (120x71) - JLS 2 (110x68) - JLS 3 (100x68) - (Terman 2) (106x62)


Surveying Initial Lay-Out instructions
Pre-Surveying: Laying out The (Outer) Corners

Player Positions (not final)

Fields Notes (miscellaneous)

All Layout Dimensions (for Reference)

Soccer Nation Hear the Names of Dutch Soccer Players

Other Lining (3rd Grade Bike Safety Day)

Marco Schuffelen - email (non-urgent)

I made these pages as part of my volunteer job as Fields Administrator of my local AYSO (Youth Soccer) chapter. It wouldn't be wrong for frequent users of this page from other regions or elsewhere to show their appreciation for my effort by a donation.