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On my 100% free website you can find and learn almost all the Dutch you'll ever need. Vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation, grammar and word order. Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.
Hear tens of thousands of words and thousands of phrases and sample sentences. See and hear the full conjugation of the common verbs, read and hear my 'conversation templates' - examples of Dutch talk (with English translation.)
No registration, no signing-up, no hassle.
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Read and Listen to Dutch - Hear Dutch Names
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[The Face of Dutch]
Hallo click to
  hear 2
Welkom click to hear 2
[I'm smiling]
ik glimlach click to hear
[I'm laughing]
ik lach click to hear
1-page Dutch Language Summary - Dutch and English
Learn some Dutch without Much English - Casual Visitor?
Beautiful and Fun Pages - Bicycling - Soccer Fields
Recipes: Cooking and Baking - Graphics for the Blind

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Gij zult niet stelen click to hear 'Thou shalt not steal'