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Guide to the Hear Dutch Here Website

On my 100% free website you can find and learn almost all the Dutch you'll ever need. Vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation, grammar and word order. Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.
See and hear the full conjugation of the common verbs, read and hear my 'conversation templates' - examples of Dutch talk (with English translation.) On my website you can hear tens of thousands of words and thousands of phrases and sample sentences.
No registration, no signing-up, no hassle.
You can follow one of my learning programs or use the resources for your own program
Lesson 1 - suggestions, resources - Program 3

Find Dutch Words:
My 'Master Lists' of Dutch words (pronunciation, links to examples)
Dutch to English - English to Dutch
or search my site: 
Hear Dutch Names

[The Face of Dutch]
Hallo click to
  hear 2
Welkom click to hear 2
[I'm smiling]
ik glimlach click to hear
[I'm laughing]
ik lach click to hear

everyday words and phrases - smartphone - casual visitor?

1-page summary - the most important Dutch pronunciation, spelling and grammar rules

Read and listen to Dutch words and texts (with English translation)

Dutch and English

Learning Dutch? precise, strict program - lessons 1-15 - suggestions, resources

Vocabulary: Learn Words and Phrases
from Basic to Advanced, and 'Conversation Templates,' Dutch talk

Pronunciation: Learn Spelling and Pronunciation - Reference Page

Verbs: Learning Verbs - Smartphone 60 common verbs, complete conjugation and sample sentences Word Order - smartphone version
Plurals - Adjectives and Adverbs

Conversation Templates - examples of Dutch talk, by subject


What's New on the Website?

You Don't Need Much English - pictures, listening etc.

Fun Pages: 1 - 2 - 3
Learn perfect Dutch in ten minutes using this one weird trick. Linguists are baffled, speechless

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Gij zult niet stelen click to hear 'Thou shalt not steal'