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Hear The Names of The Dutch Team at The 2006 Turin Winter Olympics

The 2010 Winter Olympics

Annette Gerritsen
Marianne Timmer
Paulien van Deutekom
Barbara de Loor

Ireen Wüst*
Renate Groenewold
Moniek Kleinsman

Carien Kleibeuker
Gretha Smit
hear - take 2
Jan Bos
Beorn* Nijenhuis
Erben Wennemars
Stefan Groothuis

Niels Kerstholt
Sven* Kramer
Simon Kuipers
Bob de Jong

Carl* Verheijen
Mark Tuitert
Rintje Ritsma
Liesbeth Mau Asam*
Cees Juffermans
Ilse* Broeders
Eline Jurg
hear - take 2

Kity* van Haperen
Jeanette* Pennings
Urta Rozenstruik
Nicolien Sauerbreij*
Cheryl* Maas

Arend Glas
Sybren Jansma
Arno Klaassen
Vincent Kortebeek
Cesar* Gonsalez*
Erben Wennemars
Jan Bos
Bob de Jong
Carl Verheijen
* - Some of the names are (to the best of my knowledge) not traditional Dutch and do not follow Dutch spelling and pronunciation rules.

Wikipedia Page where I found some of the names

2002 Olympic Speed Skating Records (Men)

Jochem Uytdehaage 5000m
Gerard van Velde 1000m

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