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Dutch Pronounced!

Hear a wide variety of Dutch names that were in the news or that visitors to the site asked me about - email your request. When asking for names, please give an indication of who the people you ask for are, to make the page more useful.

Cautionary Note
It is of course interesting to know the correct ('Dutch') pronunciation of Dutch names, but in communicating with members of other language communities ('Barbarians') it may be more efficient to use the common modified ('corrupted') way of saying.

At the deli, will saying "Gouda" in the Dutch way get you the cheese you want, or had you better say it like English-speakers do?
Speaking of art, when you try to say "Van Gogh" like a Dutchman (Vincent van Gogh click to hear 2) instead of the usual way - 2 people might think you just came down with an acute case of strep throat.

In the movie 'Miracle on 34th Street' a little Dutch girl is brought to Santa Claus, and he is told she doesn't speak English. Not a problem for polyglot Santa - but then the Dutch in the audience will notice the little girl's thick American accent: it's not credible that she shouldn't speak English. For the Dutch any illusion of reality is shattered. No, Virginia. The Dutch Lines in the Movie.

[a photograph of a bare tree]
Winter view from my window, ca. 1967 Full Size

Dutch In The News

Aart de Geus click to hear 2 3 Synopsis founder and chairman, IT businessman
(Patrick) Cammaert click to hear 2 retired Dutch general, member of UN Gaza enquiry commission
Louis van Gaal click to hear 2 soccer coach (the Dutch national team, Manchester United)
[Amira] Willighagen click to hear 2 young opera singer (first name not recorded)
Jeroen Dijsselbloem click to hear 2 European Union official, Dutch finance minister
Museums - (het) museum click to hear plural: musea (museum / musea click to hear) /or/ museums click to hear 2
Het Rijksmuseum click to hear 2 3 (Amsterdam)
het Stedelijk Museum click to hear 2 (Amsterdam)
het Kröller-Müller Museum click to hear 2 often called: het Kröller-Muller Museum click to hear 2
(near the village of Otterlo click to hear in national park 'de Hoge Veluwe' click to hear 2 3)

The 2012 'Second Chamber' Elections

For more recent elections, see and hear lesson 13

De Tweede Kamer click to
  hear 2 is is The Dutch 'House of Commons' or 'House of Representatives'
verkiezingen click to hear ('elections') - stemmen click to hear 2 ('to vote') the complete verb - More about Dutch Politics

Party Name, Party Leader seatsPosition - Website
Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (VVD) click to hear Mark Rutte click to hear 41 conservative - >>
Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA) click to hear 2 Diederik Samsom click to hear 2 38 labor - >>
Partij voor de Vrijheid click to
    hear Geert Wilders click to hear 2 15 right-wing, concerned about extremist tendencies in Islam - >>
Socialistische Partij click to hear 2 Emile Roemer click to
  hear 15 left-wing, grassroots; has never been in a government - >>
Christen-Democratisch Appèl (CDA) click to hear 2 Sybrand Buma click to hear 2
(Sybrand van Haersma Buma click to hear 2)
13 christian-democrats, centrist - >>
D66 - Democraten '66 click to hear 2 Alexander Pechtold click to hear 12 used to be left-wing liberals - >>
Christen Unie click to hear 2 Arie Slob click to hear 2 5 christian, mixed on left/right - >>
Groen Links click to
    hear Jolande Sap click to hear 2
Bram van Ojik click to hear 2 - new party leader after the elections
4 left-wing, environmentalist - >>
Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij (SGP) click to hear Kees van der Staaij click to hear 3 orthodox protestant - >>
Partij voor de Dieren click to
    hear Marianne Thieme click to hear 2 animal rights - >>
50+ ('Vijftig-Plus') click to hear Henk Krol click to hear 2 2 older people, pensioners - >>
more: Dutch government and elections - election results over the years - more recent election results
Tintin The characters in Hergé's Tintin comic albums have very different names in the Dutch versions of the books:
Kuifje click to hear 2 Tintin - referring to his 'quiff' hairstyle - Bobbie click to hear 2 Snowy the dog
Jansen en Janssens click to hear Thomson and Thompson, Dupont et Dupond
Diederik click to hear Stapel click to hear 2 disgraced psychologist
Klaas Knot click to hear incoming president of the Netherlands Central Bank
Nout Wellink click to hear 2 outgoing president of the Netherlands Central Bank
new players in the national soccer team:
(Georginio) Wijnaldum click to hear 2
Tim Krul click to hear
Wouter Spoelman click to hear chess Grand Master - Dutch Chess
Albert Heijn click to hear 2 the largest supermarket chain in Holland >>
[Albert Heijn, a supermarket]
Jan Gossaert click to hear 2 Gossart click to hear 2 Mabuse click to hear 2 - early Flemish painter >>

Problematic Brand or Product Names

Fragrance Bang click to hear means 'afraid' in Dutch. False Friends
Ben je bang? click to hear 'Are you afraid?'

Coffee maker Keurig click to hear means 'proper, well-behaved' in Dutch.
Een keurig meisje click to hear 'A well-behaved, proper girl' (everything her parents wanted.)

Cell phone Kin click to hear means 'chin' in Dutch. [-discontinued?-]

Music player Zune sounds very much like Dutch 'zoen' click to hear which means 'kiss' - exercise caution and be prepared for misunderstandings when communicating with the Dutch about it. [-discontinued-]

In Dutch, the name of Google's online encyclopedia Knol - hear Dutch means 'nag, not a good horse.' [-discontinued-]

Dating Website 'IJL' (It's Just Lunch) - Dutch ijl click to hear 2 3 means 'low air pressure, not solid: rarefied, thin.'

Golf player Louis Oosthuizen click to hear 2 (Dutch pronunciation; South African may say it slightly differently)
Louis click to hear - oost click to hear (East) - huizen click to hear (houses)
Soccer World Cup 2010 - The Dutch Team
Maarten Stekelenburg click to hear 2
Gregory van der Wiel click to hear 2
John Heitinga click to hear 2
Joris Mathijsen click to hear 2
Giovanni van Bronkhorst click to hear 2
Mark van Bommel click to hear 2
Dirk Kuyt click to hear 2
Nigel de Jong click to hear 2
Robin van Persie click to hear 2
Wesley Sneijder click to hear 2 3
Arjen Robben click to hear 2
Khalid Boulahrouz
André Ooijer click to hear 2
Demy de Zeeuw click to hear 2
Edson Braafheid click to hear 2
Michel Vorm click to hear 2
Eljero Elia
Stijn Schaars click to hear 2
Ibrahim Affelay
Ryan Babel click to hear 2
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar click to hear 2
Sander Boschker click to hear 2
Rafaël van der Vaart click to hear 2
Bert van Marwijk click to hear 2 (coach)
names list from: FIFA.com
oranje click to hear 2 orange voetbal click to hear soccer, 'European football' elftal click to hear [group of 11] team schot in eigen doel click to hear 'own goal'
more Dutch soccer names - more Dutch sports names - Dutch sports words
The Dutch team will undoubtedly win medals at The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Hear the names of a few favorites:
Sven Kramer click to hear - Bob de Jong click to hear - Simon Kuipers click to hear
Ireen Wüst click to hear - Renate Groenewold click to hear - Margot Boer click to hear - Annette Gerritsen click to hear
The Full Team
Spyker click to hear (also spelled Spijker) - Dutch car brand from the early days of the automobile, revived a few years ago and now buying Saab. Victor Muller click to hear is Spijker's CEO and its base of operations is in Zeewolde click to hear >> map
Jasper Schuringa click to hear tackled alleged Christmas plane bomber
Philippe** Herreweghe hear 2 3 - Belgian conductor (**his first name is French) - Dutch musicians - Dutch music vocabulary
Leo Beenhakker hear 2 - the coach of the Polish national soccer team - more Dutch soccer
Jan Wolkers (Dutch Author, 1925-2007)
His Most Famous Books:
Kort Amerikaans ('American short' i.e. crewcut)
Terug naar Oegstgeest (Back to Oegstgeest)
Turks Fruit (Turkish Delight)

The Age of Rembrandt - Exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Rembrandt van Rijn
Johannes Vermeer
Frans Hals
Salomon van Ruysdael
Jacob van Ruisdael
Gerard ter Borch
Hendrick ter Brugghen
Jan van de Cappelle
Pieter Claesz
Aelbert Cuyp
Bartholomeus Breenbergh
Jacob Duck
Jan van Gooyen
Matthijs *Naiveu
Gabriel *Metsu
Joachim Wtewael more about Wt-
Gerard de *Lairesse
Frans Post
Jan Weenix
Jan Steen
Emanuel de Witte
hear - 2
Margareta Haverman
Paulus Bor
Pieter Codde
Adriaen van Ostade
Willem Buytewegh (also: Buytewech)
*Jacques de Gheyn
hear - 2
Jan de Heem
Nicolaes Maes
Abraham van Dijck
hear - 2
Hendrick van Vliet
Hendrick **Goltzius
hear - 2
Ferdinand Bol
Philips Koninck
Abraham Bloemaert
hear - 2
Willem van Heythuisen
Jacob Olycan
Aletta Hanemans
Nicolaes Tulp
Jan Six
Herman Doomer
Pieter Schrijver
Anna van der Aar
hear - 2
Nicholas Ruts
Jan Martense Schenk
* - French names; ** - Latinized German name
See (and hear) also - 170 Dutch and Flemish Painters
and my Vermeer, Rembrandt and Early Flemish Painters pages
The names are in part from three New York Times articles about the exhibition
The Dutch Team at the 2006 Soccer World Cup
Edwin van der Sar
Ruud van Nistelrooij
Arjen Robben
Robin van Persie

The Full Dutch Team
De Maas (river)

vlaai (fruit pie)
grotten (caves)

More Maastricht
Gerard Reve (Dutch Author, 1924-2006)
Gerard Kornelis van het Reve (his full name)

His Most Famous Books
De Avonden (The Evenings)
Op Weg naar Het Einde (On The Way to The End)
Nader tot U (Nearer to Thee)
Dutch to Return Art Seized by Nazis
Jacques Goudstikker (art dealer and collector)
Piet Hein Donner (justice minister, Attorney General)
Medy van der Laan (deputy culture minister)
Nijenrode (castle)
Dordrecht (city in painting)
Jan Steen
Anthony van Dyck
Salomon van Ruysdael
Jan Mostaert

Jan van Goyen
Isaac van Ostade
Daniel Vosmaer

Dirck Hals
Aert de Gelder
Ferdinand Bol
Hear More Painters' Names:
Vermeer - Rembrandt
17th Century DutchPainters
Early Flemish Painters
Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam
Mauritshuis - Den Haag
Frans Hals Museum - Haarlem
hear - take 2

Museum Boymans van Beuningen - Rotterdam
Bonnefantenmuseum - Maastricht
The Dutch Team at The 2006 Turin Winter Olympics
Erben Wennemars
Jan Bos
Bob de Jong
Carl Verheijen

Hear the Names of The Full Team
More Dutch in Sports

2002 Olympic Records (Men's Speed Skating)
Jochem Uytdehaage 5000m
Gerard van Velde 1000m

Children's Book Illustrators
Dick Bruna - Nijntje (Miffy)
Max Velthuijs - Kikker (Frog)
Jan Jutte
Annemarie van Haeringen

Fiep Westendorp - Jip en Janneke
Yvonne Jagtenberg - Balotje (Kate)
Philip Hopman
16th Century Painters
Hans Memling
Jan van Eyck
Rogier van der Weyden
Hugo van der Goes
Maarten van Nieuwenhoven (subject)

Hans Memling
(pronounced as a German name)
hear - 2

Pages with More Dutch Names

[Marco Speaking Dutch]
Speaking Dutch click to hear
Old New York - Sailors and Ships of the 17th Century

170 Dutch and Flemish Painters - Vermeer's World - Rembrandt - Early Flemish Painters

The Diary of Anne Frank - The Bridge too Far
Hans Brinker - More Dutch Names from Books
The Dutch in Sports - 'Dutch' Music - Tulip Names

Maps of The Netherlands - Place Names - Names of Foreign Lands

First and Last Names - Names and 'Old' Spelling

Parties and Party Leaders in the 2006 Elections

For more recent elections, see and hear lesson 13
- more recent election results
Party Nameacronym Party LeaderMP3# seatsPosition
Christen-Democratisch AppèlCDA Jan Peter Balkenende hear 444121 christian-democrats, centrist
Partij van de ArbeidPvdAWouter Bos hear 423230 labor
Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en DemocratieVVD Mark Rutte, Rita Verdonk hear 282231 conservative
Socialistische PartijSPJan Marijnissen hear 92615 left-wing, grassroots
Fortuyn Olaf Stuger hear 8-- right-wing
Groen Links Femke Halsema hear 8710 left-wing, green
Democraten 66 D66Alexander Pechtold hear 6310 left-wing liberals
Christen Unie André Rouvoet hear 365 christian, mixed on left/right
Staatkundig Gereformeerde PartijSGP Bas van der Vlies hear 222 christian, orthodox
Partij voor de Dieren Marianne Thieme hear -22 animal rights
Partij voor de Vrijheid Geert Wilders hear -924 right-wing
Eén NederlandEénNLMarco Pastors hear --- right-wing
Partij voor Nederland Hilbrand Nawijn hear --- right-wing
Nieuw Rechts Michiel Smits hear --- right-wing
more: election results over the years
Party Leaders in the 2002 Elections
Ad Melkert
Hans Dijkstal
Jan Peter Balkenende
Thom de Graaf
Paul Rosenmöller (German name)
hear MP3

Jan Marijnissen
B.J. van der Vlies
Kars Veiling
Fred Teeven
Pim Fortuyn

[Marco Smiling]

Services - Contact a Dutchman

  • Manuscripts - Avoid incorrectly spelled, incorrectly capitalized or improbable Dutch names. I could prooofread your text.
  • Voice-Overs - Dutch spoken narration for exhibitions, tours etc. Send your English, German or French text or a rough translation into English and I'll make you an offer.
  • Dutch Accent for The Stage - Specializing in English with a Dutch accent for stage productions. - Pointers - Send me your text and I could give you an idea of how the Dutch speak English.
    I can also record my English with a Dutch accent for your movies etc.
    Listen to samples: 1 - 2
    I also speak German and French with a Dutch accent; I cannot do English with German or French accent.
    • Ich kann auch Deutsch mit Holländischen Akzent sprechen - zum Beispiel - 2 - 3
    • Moi, je peux parler Français avec l'accent Hollandais aussi - par exemple
  • Contact a Dutchman

[a picture of a Dutch house] [a painting of a Dutch house]
Gerard Carbo, 1977 (watercolor) Private Collection

Famous and Common Names

Names don't join in the frequent spelling reform rounds.
"-szoon" or "-zoon" mean "son of," "-sz" or "-z" is the short patronymic.
Most Famous Most Common
Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh
Huygens, Van Leeuwenhoek, Leeghwater
Van 't Hoff, Van der Waals, Kamerlingh Onnes, Oort
Den Uyl, Kok
De Jong
De Vries
Van den Berg/Van der Berg
Van Dijk
Meijer / Meyer
Scientists A Few Fictional Dutchmen
Brouwer (mathematician)
Kuiper (astronomer)
Escher (mathematical artist; German name)
Zeeman (physicist)
Lorentz (physicist; German name)
hear - 2

Tietjens (Ford's Parade's End; improbable Dutch name)
Peeperkorn (Mann, Der Zauberberg) Mijnheer -
Rip Van Winkle (Washington Irving; 'Winkel' in Dutch)
Van Shuyten (Conrad, Heart of Darkness; it should be:
Van Schuyten, S-C-H: a typo perpetuated into eternity)


Nobel Prize winners ‑>>

Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff - chemistry, 1901
Hendrik Antoon Lorentz - physics, 1902
Pieter Zeeman - physics, 1902
Johannes Diderik van der Waals - physics, 1910
hear - 2
Tobias Asser - Peace, 1911
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes - physics, 1913
Willem Einthoven - medicine, 1924
Christiaan Eijkman - medicine, 1929
Peter Debye (Debije) - physics, 1936
Frits Zernike - physics, 1953
Jan Tinbergen - economics, 1969
Simon van der Meer - physics, 1984
Paul Crutzen - chemistry, 1995
Nicolaas Bloembergen click to hear 2 3 - physics, 1981
Gerard 't Hooft click to hear 2 3 4 - physics, 1999
Tini Veltman click to hear 2 - physics, 1999
Ben Feringa click to hear 2 3 - chemistry, 2016
potential future recipients:
Bert Meijer click to hear - chemistry
Erik Verlinde click to hear 2 3 - physics
more Dutch scientists
Martinus Beijerinck click to hear 2 3 (1851-1931, virology)
Hendrik Casimir click to hear 2 3 (1909-2000, physics)

Computer Scientists

Edsger Dijkstra click to hear 2
Andries van Dam click to hear 2 3
Guido van Rossum click to hear 2
Johan van Benthem click to hear 2
Rob van Glabbeek click to hear 2 3
Henny Sipma click to hear 2
Frits Vaandrager click to hear 2 3
Frans Kaashoek click to hear 2
Mariëlle Stoelinga click to hear 2
Herbert Bos click to hear 2
Bram Moolenaar click to hear 2
Marijn Heule click to hear 2 3
Bart Jacobs click to hear 2 3
Jaap Haartsen click to hear 2 3

Control Engineers

Jan Willems click to hear 2     Huibert Kwakernaak click to hear 2 3

Amsterdam (A Pronunciation Guide)

Schiphol (the airport)
(city canal)
(road, way)
Nationaal Monument
Anne Frankhuis
Beurs van Berlage
Koninklijk Paleis,
Paleis op de Dam
hear - 2
Stedelijk Museum
Van Goghmuseum
het IJ
de Amstel
de Dam
het Damrak
hear - 2
"de Walletjes" (the red-light district)
hear - 2
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal
Nieuwezijds Achterburgwal
Oudezijds Voorburgwal
Oudezijds Achterburgwal
hear - 2
Magere Brug
Albert Cuypstraat
hear - 2
Blaauw Brug
hear - 2
De Pijp
De Jordaan
See also: Rembrandt, Old New York and The Diary of Anne Frank

Gebed zonder End click to hear 2 ('A prayer without end,' something that goes on and on) - also an Amsterdam street name.

Amsterdam tour guides sometimes come up with the Dutch tongue-twister
"Achtentachtig prachtige grachten" click to hear 2 - 88 wonderful canals.
A longer variation:
"Smachtend dacht ik aan de prachtige nachten tussen d(i)e achtentachtig grachten" click to hear 2
Full of longing I was thinking of the wonderful nights in the city of 88 canals.
De grachtengordel click to hear 2 - the canals belt
(de) rondvaartboot click to hear - tour boat (thank you Steve Random)
Amsterdam dentists

from a famous book:

The Scrounger
Except for the man who thought the Amsterdam Sarpahtistraat the most beautiful spot in Europe, I've never known a more peculiar person than the scrounger.
Nescio: De Uitvreter >>
Behalve de man, die de Sarphatistraat de mooiste plek van Europa vond, heb ik nooit een wonderlijker kerel gekend dan de uitvreter. click to hear
[Amsterdam canal houses]
Billy Eric: Prinsengracht & Brouwersgracht © 2014
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
[Amsterdam canal houses as faces]
Billy Eric: Early Morning Amsterdam © 2007
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Billy Eric YouTube videos: Dutch New York - Amsterdam - Leyden - Edam


(beer (lager))
(beer (Pilsner = lager))
een biertje
een pilsje
een glaasje bier
een flesje bier
(a beer)
(a beer)
(a glass of beer)
(a bottle of beer)

IJ Wit

Belgian Beers:

Where to Drink
bruin café

['jenever' and beer] When you like beer, you could try 'een stelletje:' click to hear 2 - a beer with next to it a shot glass of 'jonge jenever' (sometimes called 'Dutch gin,' but it's not sweet) - after sipping the jenever, the beer is very smooth and creamy (maybe it's the numbing effect of the jenever's 35% alcohol.)
een stelletje
jonge jenever

After a friend's home, (het) café click to hear 2 may be the best place for drinking beer in Holland. This is of course the French word for coffee but that's not the main attraction here. If it's especially cosy (gezellig click to hear 2 3 ‑>> ) it might be called a bruin café click to hear (bruin click to hear 2 = brown.) It may be clean, but it will not be a well-lighted place. (De) kroeg click to hear is mild slang for (het) café.

more about drinks - eating and drinking

[A guitar player drinking a beer,
  a view of Amsterdam through the windows]
Billy Eric: A Beer between Songs © 2007
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Billy Eric of New Amsterdam contributed to the Old Amsterdam and Beer paragraphs
Historical artists, associated with the Mennonite/Doopsgezinde community
Karel van Mander
Lambert Jacobsz
Abraham van der Tempel
Jan van der Heyden
Govert Flinck
Samuel van Hoogstraten
Jacob Adriaensz Backer
Adriaen Backer
Salomon van Ruysdael
Isaac Ruisdael
Jan Luyken
Michel Jansz van Mierevelt
Joanna Koerten
Vincent Laurens van der Vinne
Hendrik Willem Mesdag
Sientje Mesdag
Anton Mauve (French name)
Hercules Segers
Crispijn de Passe
Cornelius Coornhert
Menno Simons: 'De Stillen in den Lande' click to hear (The quiet ones in the country)
Dutch Baroque Artists
Rachel Ruysch
Jan Commelin
Judith Leyster
Abraham Bloemaert
Gerrit van Honthorst
Dirck van Baburen
Jan Lievensz
Jacob Backer
Gerbrand van den Eeckhout
Aert de Gelder
Willem Buytewech
Jan Molenaer
Pieter Codde
17th Century
Engravers and Painters
Three Great Masters
and A Soccer Coach
Roelant Roghman
Geertruydt Roghman
Boetius Bolswert
Jacob Matham (French name)
Jan van Huysum
Willem Claesz. Heda
Jan Jansz. den Uyl
Guus Hiddink
20th Century Painters Van Ruijven
Kees van Dongen
Willem de Kooning
Piet Mondriaan
Karel Appel
Claes van Ruijven
Pieter Claeszoon van Ruijven
(Pieter C. was a Vermeer patron, bought more than 20 of his paintings.)
Some of The Contemporary Music Scene (alternate)
Tijs (Thijs) Verwest (Tiësto)
Ferry Corsten
Armin van Buuren
Paul van Dyk
Benno de Goeij
Sander Kleinenberg
Ilse de Lange
hear - 2
Paul van Dyk
Benno de Goeij
Piet Bervoets
Sander Kleinenberg
hear - 2
Rockers of Old
Peter Koelewijn
Joost den Draaier (dj)
(= Willem van Kooten)
Cuby + Blizzards
Harry Muskee
Eelco Gelling
Herman Brood
The Golden Earring
George Kooymans
Cesar Zuiderwijk
Rinus Gerritsen
Frank Krassenburg
Thijs van Leer
Jan Akkerman
Pierre van der Linden
Frank Nuyens
Wim Bieler
Dick Schulte Nordholt
Earth & Fire
Gerard Koerts
Chris Koerts
Jerney Kaagman
Robert Jan Stips (Supersister)
Kaz Lux (Brainbox)
Rick van der Linden (Ekseption)
Robbie van Leeuwen (The Motions, Shocking Blue)
Peter Tetteroo (The Tee Set)
Wally Tax (The Outsiders)
Ronald Splinter (The Outsiders)
[a picture of a building] [a picture of a building]
[a picture of a building]
Wageningen School of Agriculture buildings
fiets, fietser (bike, bicyclist)
Rijwiel, wielrijder (bicycle, bicyclist)
('Wielrijder' is more formal and posh
than 'Fietser'.)
Ga toch fietsen! - hear
Literally: 'Go ride your bicycle, go biking!' but it also has a sense of 'I don't believe you!' - like 'Take a hike!'
More Bicycle Words
More Dutch Bicycling
Dutch Bicycle Racers
Herman Dooyeweerd (1894-1977, philosopher)
Dodewaard (small city in central Holland)
Sjeng Schalken (tennis player;
in 'Northern' and 'Southern' Dutch
Edsger Dijkstra (Computer scientist)
Johan Cruyff (Soccer star)
Max Euwe (Chess world champion 1935-1937) >>
Richard Posthumus (If the Republican candidate for governor of Michigan had been a Dutchman, this is how his name would have been pronounced.)

Joop Zoetemelk (bicycle racer)
Coosje van Bruggen (contemporary artist)
Van Eyck (Eik, Eijck)
Van Dijk (Dyck, to Eng. Dyke)
Wouter Bos (present leader of Dutch Labour party)
Waterloo (Belgian locality, where Napoleon met his final defeat)
Roosevelt, Van Buren (US presidents of Dutch descent, how their names would have been said in Holland)
Maartje, Maertge (girls' names; Maertge (Vermeer's daughter in Tracy Chevalier's 'Girl with A Pearl Earring') is no longer used; I think it's an older, Flemish form)
Pieter Bruegel (16th century Flemish painter)
(unusual UE pronunciation)
Van der Heyden (17th century architecture painter)
Neeltje Maria Min (20th century poet)
Katje, Betje, Maasden (Dutch (?) Trixie Belden characters)
Ruud Lubbers (80s prime minister)
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (NATO Secretary-General)
Wim Duisenberg (former EU central bank president)
Teun van Dijk (linguist)
hear - 2
Nicolaas Spykman click to hear 2 (1893-1943,
Professor of International Relations at Yale)

Simon Luttichuys (17th Century painter)
Nicolaas Spykman (see above)
Paul van Dyk, Tiësto (DJ's)

Douwe Draaisma (historian of psychology)
Gerard Unger (typographer)
Aad de Mooy (contemporary composer)
Robert van Wyck (19thC. New York mayor, as Dutch-Dutch)
Boudewijn (boy's name, Belgian King)
Schuyler (Dutch-American boy's name)
Genade ('mercy')
('Schuyler' is not found as a first name in Holland)
Van Beethoven click to hear 2
- the composer's Belgian grandfather's
first name was Lodewijk click to hear
Marinus de Jonge
(New Testament Scholar)
Andreas Cornelis 'Dries' van Kuijk
(Probably) Elvis manager 'Colonel Parker'
Mostly Towns
's Gravenhage (The Hague)
wielewaal (a bird: golden oriole)
De Blauwe Kamer (lake)
Kamerijk (village)
Wassenaar (town)
Leiden (city)
Merwede (part of the Maas river near Rotterdam)
Thomas Joannes Stieltjes click to hear 2 (mathematician, 1856-94, known for the Riemann-Stieltjes integral)
Rem Koolhaas click to hear (architect)
Abraham "Bram" Pais click to hear (particle physicist and historian of modern physics)
('Pais' is not originally a Dutch name, but we do have the word 'pais' in the expression 'Pais en vree' (very peaceful) click to hear - probably from French 'Paix' (peace.)
Buys Ballot click to hear (19th Century scientist, best known for weather studies) (Christophorus Henricus Diedericus Buijs Ballot click to hear)
Van Hiele click to hear (Dina van Hiele-Geldof, Pierre van Hiele click to hear - 'Pierre' is a French name)
math educators: The Van Hiele Levels of students' geometric reasoning
Hulshof click to hear 2 3 (how the name is said in Holland) Kenny Hulshof, 2008 Republican candidate for governor of Missouri
Simon Vinkenoog click to hear Dutch poet and author
Tijl Uilenspiegel click to hear Medieval prankster and folk hero - in Germany: Till Eulenspiegel
Sjeng Scheijen click to hear 2 art historian, specializing in Russia
Alkemade click to hear 2 - the Alkemade theorem in thermodynamics phase diagrams - (A.C.) Van Rijn van Alkemade click to hear 2

eigen click to hear (math term)
mysterie click to hear (a mystery)
Rijkswaterstaat click to hear (Government body managing water)
Stormvloedwaarschuwingsdienst click to hear [high-winds flood warning service]
a government department monitoring dangerous weather conditions and possible flooding
Beemster Graskaas click to hear ("considered a special treat among Dutch cheese gourmets") made of the early Spring milk,
from when the cows get out of the Winter stables into the meadows of young, fresh gras click to hear ('grass.')
The 'Beemster' click to hear 2 is a 17th Century polder click to hear 2 ('reclaimed land.') >>
Musschenbroek * click to hear 2 - Pieter van Musschenbroek click to hear 2 3 18th Century scientist (math, physics)
- inventor of the Leyden Jar (Leidse Fles click to hear 2 3 - Dutch (de) fles click to hear means 'bottle')
Boerhaave click to hear - Herman Boerhaave click to hear 2 18th Century scientist (medicine)
's Gravesande * click to hear 2 - Willem Jacob 's Gravesande click to hear 18th Century scientist (physics)
Van Leeuwenhoek click to hear 2 - Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek click to hear 17th Century scientist, inventor of the microscope
Huygens click to hear 2 - Christiaan Huygens click to hear 17th Century scientist
Simon Stevin click to hear 17th Century scientist

Garden Dutch 101
Scheepers (well-known bulb brokers)
Keukenhof (famous Dutch bulb display gardens)
Jelena de Belder (Jelena is a Slovene (Slavic) name, hope I got it right) (a cultivated witch hazel tree is named after her)
Estella Rijnveld, Stella (Estella is a Spanish name, Stella is the Dutch version) (name of a tulip)
J.S. Dijt (name of an early-blooming iris)
Welwitsch (German)(nineteenth-century botanist for whom Welwitschia is named)
Ghislaine de Feligonde (French)(name of a rose)
more tulip names

Zomerschoon click to hear 2 ('Beauty of Summer,' a 1620s tulip)
(de) zomer click to hear ('Summer') - schoon click to hear ('beauty' - though in Northern Dutch it now usually means 'clean')

A Small Fruit Song "Said the Apple to the Orange, ..."
framboos, braam (raspberry, blackberry)
aalbes, kruisbes (red currant, gooseberry)
aardbei, rozebottel (strawberry, rose hip)
sinaasappel, citroen (orange ('China-apple'), lemon)
kers, pruim (cherry, plum/prune)
perzik, abrikoos (peach, apricot)
more fruit names

[a 17th-century painting of a bird]
Carel Fabritius, The Goldfinch (1654)
Mauritshuis, The Hague
Birds of Holland
vogels (birds)
Carel Fabritius
't Puttertje (the Goldfinch)
hear - 2
zwaluw (swallow)
vink (finch)
nachtegaal (nightingale)
duif (dove)
zwaan (swan)

merel (blackbird)
lijster (thrush)
specht (woodpecker)
roodborstje (robin)
eend (duck)

spreeuw (starling)
mus (sparrow)

havik (hawk)
uil (owl)
koekoek (cuckoo)
raaf (raven)
kraai (crow)

adelaar, arend (eagle)
ooievaar (stork)
reiger (heron)
meeuw (seagull)
gier (vulture)
(vleermuis (bat))

more birds

Bugs World: Insekten
mier (ant)
kever, tor (beetle)
lieveheersbeestje (ladybug)
kakkerlak (cockroach)
vlinder (butterfly)
nachtvlinder (large moth)
("butterfly of the night")
libelle (dragonfly)
sprinkhaan (grasshopper, locust)
pissebed (pillbug)
bromvlieg (house fly)
mug (mosquito)
langpootmug ('daddy longlegs' mosquito)
spin (spider)
duizendpoot (millipede)
oorwurm (earwig)
hooiwagen ('daddy longlegs' spider)
rups (caterpillar)
krekel (cricket)
bij (bee)
wesp (wasp)
vlo (flea)
teek (tick)
mot (small moth)
more bugs
Old New York - Old New York page
Haarlem - (Harlem)
Vlissingen - (Flushing) (medieval English sailors probably already used this name for the Dutch port city)
Breukelen - (Brooklyn)
Staten Land - (Staten Island) (The 'Staten' (Estates) were the 17th Century Dutch government)
Kromme Zee - (Gramercy) (crooked sea/lake)
De Bouwerij - (The Bowery)
Schuylkill ('hidden(?) river' in Philadelphia; 'kil' or 'kille' means 'river' or 'canal,' no longer found in modern Dutch.)
hear - Much More Old New York (about 500 words and names)

More Dutch names:
First and Last Names - Place Names - Vermeer's World - Rembrandt - 17th Century Sailors and Ships - Old New York

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[one of Vincent Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' paintings]
The National Gallery, London
Somewhat Related
I used to subscribe to a magazine in basic Spanish, in an attempt to learn that language; what I remember best was an article about Van Gogh that curiously gave the title of a painting in English ("Sunflowers"); I guess that makes more sense than to have them in Dutch, but why not in Spanish ('Las Flores del Sol')?
- Wenceslao Grillo tells me that the Spanish word is Girasol ("turn-flower,") and the Van Gogh painting is called Los Girasoles in Spanish. That word wouldn't make sense to a beginning student of Spanish. - Thank you Wenceslao for ongoing corrections.

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