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Conjugation Overview
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Breken click to hear 'to break, crack' is a strong verb:

to break
- brak
- gebroken
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breken to crack, break
ik breek I'm breaking
wij breken we're breaking
ik brak I broke
wij braken we broke
ik heb gebroken I have broken
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simple present tense
breken to break
ik breek I break
jij breekt you break (singular, informal you)
hij breekt he breaks
wij breken we break
jullie breken you break (plural, informal you)
zij breken they break
U breekt you (polite you)
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simple past tense
(breken) to break
ik brak I broke
jij brak you broke
hij brak he broke
wij braken we broke
jullie braken y'all broke
zij braken they broke
U brak you broke
click to hear 2

wij braken click to hear we broke, we were breaking
see also below

ik heb gebroken click to hear 2 I have broken the past participle:
gebroken click to hear broken

Sample Sentences

Het touw brak click to hear 2 The rope broke

[green beans]

[snapping French beans]
sperziebonen breken click to hear 2 snapping French beans

Nou breekt m'n klomp click to hear 'That takes the cake/biscuit.' - Literally: 'Now that breaks my clog, that makes my wooden shoe fall apart.' (expression of amazement)

[broken sword]
(het) gebroken zwaard click to hear 2
('broken sword')

mijn gebroken stem click to hear my [cracked] croaking voice example:  smijten click to hear to throw in anger ('to smite')

breekbaar click to hear breakable, fragile fragiel click to hear 2 fragile, very vulnerable (also figuratively)

Compound Verbs with 'Breken'

'Aanbreken'  click to hear 2 3 is 'to begin, start' or 'to begin with, start on'
De dag breekt aan click to hear The day begins - more beginnings Bij 't krieken van de dag click to hear At daybreak Breek 't niet aan click to hear 2 3 4 5 Don't start on it, don't open it (food or snacks packages)

baanbrekend click to hear innovating, trailblazing (~paradigm-shifting)

afbreken click to hear 2 3 1. to break down, take down, demolish, destroy
2. to break off, interrupt
(de) afbraak click to hear 2 demolition

inbreken click to hear 2 [breaking into a house to steal stuff] - to burglarize (de) inbreker click to hear 2 burglar ‑>>
(de) inbraak click to hear 2 burglary
Er is ingebroken click to hear 2 3 There has been a burglary

onderbreken click to hear 2 3 to interrupt
Wij onderbreken ... click to hear 2 We interrupt ...
(de) onderbreking click to hear 2 interruption, break
ononderbroken click to hear 2 3 uninterrupted

ontbreken - to lack, be missing
Dat ontbrak er nog maar aan! click to hear That was still missing from it! - Another unpleasant complication, adding to the misery De wil ontbreekt click to hear 2 3 4 The will is lacking, there is no willingness

openbreken - to break open
Breek me de bek niet open! click to hear '[Don't force-open my mouth] Don't get me started, I don't want to talk about it.'
- But with a strong undertone that the speaker would have a lot of negative things to say about it.

(het) gebrek click to hear 2 lack of, want (of) - shortage, deficiency; also: ailment, failing plural:  gebreken click to hear 2
gebrek aan click to hear lack of, want (of)
(het) spraakgebrek click to hear 2 speech impediment een vitamine-D gebrek click to hear a vitamin D deficiency bij gebrek aan beter click to hear lacking a better alternative, in the absence of something better gebrek aan fantasie click to hear 2 3 lack, shortage of imagination gebrek aan belangstelling click to hear 2 lack of interest Met de ouderdom komen de gebreken click to hear 2 '[With] In old age defects appear' ‑>> gebrekkig Nederlands click to hear 2 3 ['lacking, incomplete' - faulty] poor Dutch (See also: (het) tekort click to hear 2 'shortage' ‑>>)

'Brak' click to hear 2 3 is the simple past singular of breken click to
  hear but it can also mean 'somewhat salty,' said of water, like English 'brackish' - brak water click to hear 2

braken click to hear 2 3 is the simple past plural of breken click to hear 'to break, crack' but it is also a verb meaning 'to vomit, throw up.' So
wij braken click to hear 1. we were breaking, we broke
2. we are vomiting, throwing up

brokkelig click to hear 2 crumbly, brittle

(de) breuk click to hear 2 fraction; break, fracture
plural: breuken click to hear fractions; breaks, fractures
- more fractions fractions
(de) breuklijn click to hear 2 line of break, crack // fault line (de) huisvredebreuk click to hear 2 [house-peace-breaking] - unlawful entry (de) inbreuk op privacy click to hear invasion, violation of privacy (de) schipbreuk click to hear 2 3 4 shipwreck, destruction of ship (de) wolkbreuk click to hear cloudburst (sudden heavy rain)

geradbraakt click to hear 2 'broken on the wheel' - the medieval torture in which a prisoner's bones were broken and muscles were ripped.  (Het) rad click to hear 2 3 is an old word for 'wheel.' The torture was still in use in Holland in the early 17th Century. You can say:
"Ik voel me geradbraakt" click to hear 2 3 when your bones and muscles hurt all over, especially in your arms and legs.

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