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Dutch Word? - hear
with -E ending, inflected form? - hear
hear both

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(de) kleur click to hear 2 color / kleuren click to hear colors
Adverbs are the root form, but Dutch adjectives almost always get an -E ending, only not when they're with singular 'het'-words after 'een,'   'geen'  or no article. Adjectives already ending in -E don't add an extra E, and adjectives ending in -EN (except -OEN) don't get an -E ending. There are of course a few exceptions.
more: Lesson 11 - spelling changes - exceptions
more about colors - Lesson 5
smartphone introduction to adjectives

As nouns, the colors take the article het click to hear 2 3 - 't click to hear

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Gij zult niet stelen click to hear 'Thou shalt not steal'