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[A Dutch flag on the edge of a puddle of water]
colors, materials
[A plate of fava beans, with bacon and potatoes]
[a handful of Brussels sprouts]
[small saucepan: lidded pot with a stick handle]
[Me riding a bicycle]
[Cows in a meadow]
[a variety of items]

Dutch Names for Tools 1 - 2 3 4 5 6 7 words

(het) gereedschap click to hear tools
(het) stuk gereedschap click to hear 2 3 piece of equipment, tool
gereedschapskisten click to hear
[a collection of tools]
gereedschap click to hear
[one pair of scissors]
schaar click to hear
[two pairs of scissors]
scharen click to hear
[one pair of small scissors]
schaartje click to hear
[Safety First: A well-protected worker, wearinng
    Safety glasses, dust mask, helmet,
  hearing protection]
Safety First
Veiligheid vòòr alles click to hear 2
[safety before everything (else)]
(the English phrase is more common)
[hard hat, helmet]
helm click to hear
[eye protection, safety glasses]
veiligheidsbrillen click to hear
[dust masks]
stofmaskers click to hear
[hearing protection, 'earmuffs']
gehoorbeschermers click to hear
koptelefoon click to hear
[work gloves]
werkhandschoenen click to hear
[plumb line]
schietlood click to hear
[pocket scale, hanging]
unster click to hear
[measuring tapes]
rolmaten click to hear
[folding ruler]
duimstokken click to hear
[human thumb]
duim click to hear
[carpenter's squares]
winkelhaken click to hear
[45 degrees marking tool]
verstekhaak click to hear - 45° click to hear
[center square, center finder]
hartzoeker click to hear
[parallel line marking tool]
kruishout click to hear
[combination square: angle/length measurement tool]
combinatiehaak click to hear
[adjustable angle tool]
zwei click to hear

[A Dutch flag on the edge of a puddle of water]
Colors, Materials
[Me riding a bicycle]
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[a varied colection of everyday items]

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