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My Essays about Holland, The Dutch and The Dutch Language

Most of the essays are short

From the 'Lessons'

'Holland' and 'The Netherlands'


About Hearing 'Foreign' Sounds

Broadcasting in Holland

The Dutch Anthem

The Dutch Revolt (1568-1648)

The Catholic Minority in Holland

Cognates - Words from A Common Root

Chatham - The Anglo-Dutch Sea Wars

Polders - Land Reclamation

The Large Water Projects

Simon Stevin and the Dutch Names for the Sciences

The Education System in Holland

Wageningen - My Home Town

Elections, Political Parties and Government in Holland

The Metric System

Thoughts on Things Dutch ('Netherland,' Hans Keilson,
Cream of Tartar, Pronouncing 'Bruegel')

Multatuli - Dutch author

Nescio - Dutch author

From Other Pages

Hans Brinker -or- The Silver Skates

The Real Hans Brinker

Dutch New York

De Elfstedentocht - the 125-mile Dutch skating event

Frisian - another language of The Netherlands

'False Friends'


Language Change

'In Other Words'

Other Overview Pages: Names - Words - Pronunciation - Grammar - Listening - Lessons - Exercises
Numbers, Simple Math and Dimensions from the 'Lessons'

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Don't be a dief (thief) / dievegge (female thief) - diefstal (theft) - stelen (to steal) - heler (dealer in stolen goods) - hear Dutch - 2