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The Grammar Pages

I am not a grammarian and do not plan nor hope to become one. My grammar pages are just meant to provide some basic rules you'll need to speak Dutch. I have tried to use as little jargon as possible, just the unavoidable basic words like 'verbs,' 'nouns' and 'adjectives' etc.
Find some Dutch grammar words ('terms') on my Conversation Subjects Page - Smartphone Version


Quick One Page -
Commmon Problems

Personal Pronouns
Word Order

and Adverbs

Spelling and

Personal Pronouns
Word Order
and Adverbs

Spelling and

Earlier Versions:
Personal Pronouns


Word Order

Word Order

One Page: The most important pronunciation, spelling and grammar on one page - for when you're in a hurry, looking for a quick refresher or quick reference. The page has many links to longer treatments.

The Lessons often have newer versions of the material in my older grammar pages - lessons overview.

Personal Pronouns and Verbs

The personal pronouns are explained in Lesson 7 - the older version has a section on reflexive pronouns and verbs. Also: 125 Sample Sentences.

[bicyclist (I ride a bike)]
ik fiets click to hear
ik fiets
jij fietst
hij fietst
wij fietsen
jullie fietsen
zij fietsen
U fietst
click to hear 2
(to ride a bike)
(I ride a bike)
(you ride a bike)
(he rides a bike)
(we ride bikes)
(you ride bikes)
(they ride bikes)
(you ride a bike)

ik fietste
jij fietste
hij fietste
wij fietsten
jullie fietsten
zij fietsten
U fietste
click to hear

(I rode a bike)
(you rode a bike)
(he rode a bike)
(we rode bikes)
(you rode bikes)
(they rode bikes)
(you rode a bike)

(you - singular, informal)

(you - plural, informal)

(you - polite)
Most verbs of motion perfect with 'zijn' when it's about the destination, and take 'hebben' when the motion itself is the thing:
Ik ben naar Veenendaal gefietst click to hear 2 (I rode a bike to Veenendaal)
Ik heb een uur gefietst click to hear 2 (I rode a bike for an hour)

Beginning Dutch Verbs - 2
28 Verbs Teaching the Conjugation Rules
Introducing the Commmon Dutch Verbs

The Verbs Page shows the rules for the conjugation of verbs in the different tenses (present, past, perfect etc.) - most of it also in new versions in the lessons:

Verbs Combined and 'Te' - Combining Verbs - past participles or infinitives? - and the use of 'te'

Find the basic forms of the most common verbs on: 'Basic' Dutch Verbs
- 41 Common Verbs - full conjugation and sample sentences
The complete conjugation of 59 common verbs (with a few examples of the regular verb conjugation) can be found on the 'Verbs Library' page.
The smartphone verbs library is a new, greatly expanded version with many examples of usage

Splitting Verbs: Which verbs split up and when, and where does the split-off go?

The Personal Pronouns page has a section on the reflexive pronouns and verbs.

Verbs as Nouns and Adjectives and the irregular verbs mogen and kunnen ('to be allowed - may' and 'to be able to - can') are only on the Verbs page, not yet in the Lessons.

The Easy Dutch Verbs page is another introduction to Dutch verbs and it has a collection of recognizable verbs: verbs that mean and look and/or sound similar to English verbs.

The Smartphone Verbs Pages are the latest version.

Word Order

subject working verb (object) (complement) other verbs

The Word Order Page shows the right place for the various elements in Dutch lines. Some of it is in newer form in the lessons:

Adjectives (Lesson 11)
Adjectives and Adverbs, Word Order
Spelling Changes
Systematic Examples
As Nouns
Simple Sentences, Simple Questions (Lesson 13)
Basic Sentences
The Complement
The Object
The Indirect Object
Combining Object and Complement
Simple Questions
Secondary Verbs, More Questions, Commands (Lesson 14)
Verbs at The End of The Sentence
More Questions
Query Words
Commands, Orders and Suggestions
Sentences Starting with Time, Place or A Condition (Lesson 15)
Verb Before Subject
Word Order in The Subordinate Clause
Place of Complement and Object
Compound Verbs Changes

The new 'phrases' pages have hundreds of useful Dutch lines - and you can also study them with an eye towards word order.
The Most Basic Phrases - Weather - Food and Drink - Travel - Sleep - Various
- Jobs and Lines of Work - The Senses - Using Words
Time Thesaurus - Change - Life - Speaking Dutch, Speaking about Dutch - Sayings and Idiom

The Smartphone Word Order Page are the latest version, and it pulls all the material together

Spelling and Pronunciation

Dutch spelling is fairly phonetical and the rules for writing 'long' and 'short' vowels are quite logical and can be considered part of grammar.

Pronunciation: vowels (Lesson 1) - diphthongs (Lesson 2) - consonants (Lesson 8)
And Exceptions and Irregularities are in Lesson 10 - and an older version.
Vowels and Diphthongs Compared
The spelling of long and short vowels is explained in Lesson 3 - and again with many more examples in the Adjectives section of Lesson 11, and the Plurals page - an older version.

Or Learn the Rules from Examples

Pronunciation Exercises:
Flash Cards Pronunciation and Listening Exercises
'False Friends' Pronunciation Exercise
An old Spelling and Pronunciation Exercise
An old Phrases Listening Exercise


The various forms of Dutch Plurals explained, with about 350 examples. It is also a good vocabulary page.
Flashcards Exercise

Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjectives in most positions add an -E to the root word. You may already have seen this in the 'Word Order' chapter mentioned above (Lesson 11.)
Declension of Adjectives Flashcards Exercise (first of four) - Adjectives and Adverbs Listening Test

Other Overview Pages: Names - Words - Pronunciation - Picture Pages - Listening - Basic Dutch - Lessons - Essays - Exercises

It is said that Bieneke Berendsen's dutchgrammar.com is a good website.
Pieter van Leest's spelling.nl focuses on spelling, with games and exercises. It's entirely in Dutch, meant for Dutch elementary school students, but could be useful to advanced foreign students

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