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[smal change, coins]  [smal change, coins]
(het) kleingeld click to hear 2 small [money] change, spare change

The Small Change of Conversation™

Smalltalk is not really that much about exchanging meaningful or important information but about communication, meeting, being together, spending time together pleasantly
phatic  (adjective) - denoting or relating to language used for general purposes of social interaction, rather than to convey information or ask questions. Utterances such as hello, how are you? and nice morning, isn't it? are phatic. (Apple dictionary)

Iets om over te praten click to hear 2 Something to talk about Dingen om over te praten click to hear 2 Things to talk about een praatje maken click to hear 2 to [make] have a chat kletsen click to hear 2 to chat
praten click to hear 'to talk, to chat' ‑>>
Praten over koetjes en kalfjes click to hear 2 ['Talking about (little) cows and calves, irrelevant things'] - To chat, make smalltalk

herinneringen ophalen click to hear 2 to reminisce, bringing up memories We zaten gezellig herinneringen op te halen click to hear 2 We were reminiscing pleasantly, we were having a good time chatting about the past

[2 small boys talking]

I thought I remembered a phrase from Henry James's The Ambassadors (1902) Poor Strether didn't have the small change of conversation ... but I couldn't find it in the book, and searching on the internet led me to something from The American (1877) which by some is seen as a precursor to The Ambassadors He [Newman] had little of the small change of conversation, and his stock of ready-made formulas and phrases was the scantiest. James 'The Old Pretender' goes on a bit long in the 1906 revision: [Newman] had little of the small change of conversation and rarely rose to reach down one of those ready-made forms and phrases that drape, whether fresh or frayed, the hooks and pegs of the general wardrobe of talk -- that repository in which alone so many persons qualify for the discipline of society, as supernumerary actors prepare, amid a like provision, for the ordeal of the floodlights.

The Small Change of Conversation - It's a useful concept for students of foreign languages. The pages in this series (and my website in general) will help you speak with Dutch people.
I hope you have the passive vocabulary to understand what people say or write to you - and learn the phrases on the pages in this series that look useful to you, make them part of your active vocabulary.

Active Vocabulary: words you can call up from memory when needed in conversation or writing
Passive Vocabulary: (for reading and listening) words that you recognize and know the meaning of

These pages offer of course only templates. My life experience, circumstances, environment, priorities and lines of smalltalk are most likely different from yours. Fill in what you like, replace with your own narrative. Feel free to email me your suggestions.
These pages offer the kind of lines you will need in certain situations or when talking about certain subjects. The pages also have words lists or links to other vocabulary pages to adapt the lines to your personal situation and preferences.

Before conversation: Everyday Common Short Phrases (smartphone page)

Pages in the series so far:
Meet and Greet
Commenting on Statements and Opinions
Ziek - Talking about Not Feeling Well
Talking about Time
Why? / Because / The Reason / Cause & Effect
Chance, Luck, Outcomes and Risk
Expectations and What Happens

Parts of older pages that fit in the series:
Weather - Food - Drink - Travel - Sleep - Work - Money - Medical - Speaking Dutch

Other Conversation Templates:
The Senses - Using Words - Loves, Likes and Preferences - Bicycles and Bicycling - Various - Fun Things to Say
The 'Thesaurus' pages: Life - Change - Time
Words by Subject - mostly words, some sentences

[small change, coins]
(het) kleingeld click to hear 2 - see also:  Money
Pre-Euro Dutch Coins
[old Dutch coins]   [old Dutch coins]
munten click to hear singular:  (de) munt click to hear 2
cent click to hear 2
'penny' - 1¢
stuiver click to hear 2
'nickel' - 5¢
dubbeltje click to hear 2
'dime' - 10¢
kwartje click to hear
'quarter' - 25¢
gulden click to hear
'guilder' - 100¢
daalder click to hear 2
(not a modern coin)
rijksdaalder click to hear
slang: riks click to hear 2

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Gij zult niet stelen click to hear 'Thou shalt not steal'