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Disambiguation: Many common Dutch words have more than one meaning.

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Disambiguation: Dutch 'Vroeg' - Multiple Meanings and Related Words


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  1. 'early' - "early in the morning"
  2. 'asked' - "he asked where the station was"
1. vroeg = early

vroeger = earlier // before, in the past
laat = late - later = later
2. vroeg = asked

1. 'vroeg' = 'early'

'Vroeg' click to hear can be an adjective or adverb meaning 'early.' When used as an adjective, it often gets an -E ending: vroege click to hear >>
vroege vogels click to hear 2 'early birds' - people who are up early
's morgens vroeg click to hear 2 3 early in the morning
Het is nog vroeg click to hear It's still early
't Is nog te vroeg click to hear 2 3 It's still too early
't Is nog te vroeg om op te staan click to hear 2 3 It's still to early to get up, it's too early to get up yet
Hij is vroeg click to hear 2 He is early
Ik sta elke dag vroeg op click to hear 2 I get up early every day
onmenselijk vroeg click to hear 2 [inhumanely] impossibly, beastly early
'Biologisch' is vroeg 19e eeuwse landbouw click to hear 2 'Organic' is early 19th-Century agriculture
'Biologisch' is niks anders dan vroeg 19e eeuwse landbouw click to hear 2 'Organic' is nothing else than early 19th-Century agriculture
De morgenstond heeft goud in de mond click to hear 2 [The dawn hour has gold in its mouth] - The early bird gets the worm

Synomyms, Alternates and Related Words

'Vroeger click to hear can 'literally' be the comparative degree of 'vroeg' but it usually means 'before, in the past' - more.
vroeger of later click to hear [earlier] sooner or later
Dan moet je vroeger opstaan click to hear 2 3 'Then you'll have to get up earlier' - i.e. for that you'll have to be more alert and more active
heel vroeger click to hear 2 [much before] a long time ago, far in the past
Vroeger was alles beter click to hear 'Everything was better in the past'
Vroeger was geluk heel gewoon click to hear 2 [In the past ...] Happiness used to be quite common
Vroeger kostte een zakje patat een kwartje click to hear In the past, you could have a small bag of French fries for a quarter
Dat deed ik vroeger ook click to hear 2 3 I did that too in the past, I used to do that too

The opposite of 'vroeg' ('early') is 'laat' click to hear ('late') - more and 'later' is 'later' click to hear

's avonds laat click to hear 2 late in the evening, late at night
een paar jaar later click to hear a few years later
later dat jaar click to hear 2 later (in) that year

2. 'vroeg' = 'asked'

'vroeg' click to hear can also be a verb form, the simple past tense singular of 'vragen' click to hear 2 ('to ask')
to ask
- ik vraag
I ask
- wij vragen
we ask
- ik vroeg
I asked
- wij vroegen
we asked
- ik heb gevraagd
I have asked
click to hear 2
Hij vroeg om water click to hear 2 He asked for water
Hij vroeg om een glas water click to hear 2 3 He asked for a glass of water
Hij vroeg om een verklaring click to hear 2 He asked for an explanation
Hij vroeg waar 't station was click to hear 2 He asked where the station was
Ze vroegen om geld click to hear 2 3 They asked for money
See also the 'vragen'  Verb Page

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